Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Entry


My name is David Stanley, and this blog is attached to my "production" compnay, Delta-Sigma.

I'm an amateur photgrapher, website designer, and author. Through this blog, and it's soon-coming companion website, I will be sharing my works. These work will primarily consist of my photography and writing.

It is safe to say, at that point, I will more than likely be concentrating on my photography for the next little while. Though, I do hope that I am able to do some writing in the near future, which would then be published either on this blog, or again is soon-soming companion site, after any original materials have been appropriately copyrighted.

As for the moment, I don't quite as yet have any photos to share. At least, nothing I consider high enough quality to share. I am still in the process of learning the ins and outs of my camera, and freely admit that I suck right now. Hehe.

When I do have something of note, howeer, I will definately be sharing with anybody who care to see them.

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