Saturday, January 14, 2012

DeltaSigma Update, Jan 14 2012

Yeah, it's been a while since I've made a journal update... Again.
The main reason is, I don't have a very reliable internet connection. I have to live in one of the country's last dial-up areas, and, it still doesn't look like we'll be getting high-speed any time soon. <sigh> Granted, I have a laptop, but, it's an older, slightly larger one. So, it's a little cumbersome.

In photography news, I did a photo shoot at a friends for New Years eve. Photos are up on my personal Facebook for the moment, but, after I have had the chance to go through them, I'll be reposting my personal favorites onto the DeltaSigma Project Facebook page.

Also, on February 4th, I'll be heading to Prince George for the CD release show and party for We The Martyr, and local PG metal band. Definitely looking forward to that, and I'll keep you posted with any and all news.

With winter here, I don't have too many other projects on the go right now, but, I'm certainly looking forward to spring, when travel is a little easier.

So, if anybody has any ideas for photography projects that I might be able to take on, let me know on my Facebook page:

Lastly, for those who are interested, or already do, follow me on Twitter, I've changed my name from @DeltaSigmaProj to @TheDeltaSigma

Until later, have a good New Year.